Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2 Stars of Astronomy

Yesterday's edition of Caltech Today reported that Caltech astronomer and former Palomar Observatory director will be named a Commander of the British Empire:

"In her New Year's list of civilian honors, Queen Elizabeth named Richard Ellis, Caltech's Steele Family Professor of Astronomy, as a Commander of the BritishEmpire (CBE) "for services to international science." The CBE is Great Britain's highest civilian honor other than a knighthood, and it is rarely given to nonresident British citizens. Ellis, whose research focuses on galaxy evolution and observational cosmology, will receive the award at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace later this year."

Congratulations to Dr. Ellis!

In other news, Caltech's Mike Brown has received a different honor. He is the subject of a new kids book.
The Planet Hunter: The Story Behind What Happened to Pluto was written by Elizabeth Rusch and illustrated by Guy Francis. I am told that the book follows Dr. Brown's life from and how how his discoveries led to Pluto's "demotion" from the status of planet to dwarf planet.

My copy is on order.


Edward said...

Well done Richard Ellis, and well deserved.

It is great to see a new children’s book with Astronomy in it. And I can think of no better ambassador than Mike Brown. I hope that it serves as an inspiration to the little kiddies, including the ones inside us all. Eat your veggies, study hard, and you too could change the way we view the universe. A lofty, and worthwhile goal.

Scott Kardel said...

My copy of The Planet Hunter came in the mail yesterday. It is a wonderful kids book with great illustrations. I highly recommend it if you have a young person in your life.