Friday, February 29, 2008

Monster Telescopes

Waiting in the mail yesterday was the April (!) issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. The cover features TMT in an article entitled "The New Monster Telescopes". Jonathan Lowe's article gives a great overview of the TMT, GMT and E-ELT projects.

Casey Reed provided some great illustrations to give a sense of scale for the projects, but what really caught my eye was this one (above), with the shadow of a monster (for the monster telescopes in the article) on a dome that very much reminds me of the dome for the 200-inch. :)


Jonathan Lowe said...

Glad you enjoyed the article. It was fun having Dr. Richard Green drive me to LBT for a tour (for my earlier article on LBT). See the LBT site for more about that scope.

Scott Kardel said...

I had a chance to visit the LBT in June 2008. It was quite impressive.