Friday, April 24, 2009

Explore the Stars

Friday (tonight!) and Saturday night this weekend you can Explore the Stars from Palomar Mountain. Explore the Stars is a free program for observing the wonders of the night sky from the National Forest Service's Observatory Campground (Its not at the observatory, just named for us).
It is a great program, usually held monthly from April through October. Click here for the full list of dates for the year.

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jg said...

Just to follow up on your post, Explore the Stars went very well. The turn-out, of telescopes and visitors, exceeded expectations for April.

We didn't have a presentation at the amphitheatre this time, though there was enough interest for one. Next month (May 16th), I'll be doing the presention. If I can locate a projector and laptop, I'll do a presention based on the program I developed here:
Earth, Orbit, and ClimateJohn Garrett