Monday, July 6, 2009

Fred Givant: 1943 - 2009

I have the sad task of announcing that Fred Givant, one of the Palomar Observatory’s docents, passed away on Sunday June 28.

We only had the pleasure of knowing Fred for just a year and a half, but he certainly left his mark on the outreach program. Fred felt passionately about the observatory and especially the need to educate young people about science. He backed up that passion with frequent visits to the observatory to help with our public outreach program.

In spite of the fact that Fred had a fulltime job (working as a risk manager for a company building the next generation of GPS satellites) he was very committed to making the trek to Palomar Mountain to volunteer much of his limited free time. It has been a record-breaking year for tours at the observatory and Fred was a big part of that. He was volunteering here three of the four weekends in June and four of the five in May!

The staff and docents of the observatory will miss Fred’s enthusiasm and dedication.

A memorial service for Fred will be held on July 10 at the Miller-Jones Mortuary in Sun City, CA. Fred’s wife Carole has asked that instead of flowers donations be made to Palomar Observatory.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can send it to:

Palomar Observatory
Fred Givant Fund
P.O. Box 200
Palomar Mountain, CA 92060

100% of the donations to the fund will be used to help kids to learn about astronomy. Fred would have wanted it that way.

Here's a docent group photo from last year. Fred is second from the left.


MrsLittleJeans said...

Sorry to hear he is really surrounded by celestial bodies!

Edward said...

Fred was an unique man who loved conveying his excitement to those around him.

His enthusiasm for science, technology, and Palomar will be fondly remembered by all of the docents.

I count myself lucky to have known him, even if only for a short time.

Southern Oaks Mortgage said...

Thank you Scott. Fred had a special love for astronomy and palomar. And yes, we were all lucky to have known him. Jeff Eisenberg- stepson

Holland Eisenberg said...

We will miss him terribly. His excitement and passion about all things "space" was fun to be a part of. He couldn't get enough! I am so thankful that his grandkids had the priviledge of enjoying a wonderful day at Palomar with him last year. It was such a joy to watch him share his love of it with them (and us!).

We love and miss you!!

Jennifer Givant said...

Thank you so much Scott.

My Dad was and is a very special man, I was so fortunate to have grown up being shown the magic and wonder of astronomy, mathematics, and the pursuit if knowledge.

Since I was a little girl, whether teaching me what he did as an aerospace engineer, blowing my class away with a science project only he could help me pull of, making a presentation to my class in elementary school, or a trip to the airshow, museum or observatory. He was so excited about being a Palomar docent and the opportunity to teach his love to others was something he would tell me of often.

This was one of the many, many things that made my Dad special, and he passionately pursued each effort he took on.

I still can't imagine life without his physical being in front of me on Earth, but I am so blessed to have him for my Dad and cherish and honor every moment I have spent with him. And yes, if there is any man making the most of life amongst the heavens it is my father.

Jennifer Givant- daughter

I love you Dad!!!

Larry ELangston said...

As Long as I have known Fred he's had a glow of excitement about a new job, a new idea or explaining how something works. I always enjoyed that encounter. Larry E Langston

Anonymous said...

I live during the week at the Concord Hotel in El Segundo and I was a coworker with Fred at SAIC working on the GPS program. In fact, I was the one who told Fred about the Concord Hotel. Fred and I shared many principles and opinions in common and had many conversations about everything under the sun and beyond. His smile and fervent attitude will be missed.
I can't believe he is gone.
My condolences to the whole Givant family for your loss.


Mike Carroll

Carole said...

I was fortunate to work with Fred as a fellow risk manager on GPS.

Since my degree is in astronomy, he was going to arrange a tour for me at Palomar. I missed the opportunity back when I was an astronomy student at San Diego State in the 60's as well as one with the China Lake Astronomical Society more recently, so I was really looking forward to this tour. Since I don't drive, Fred was going to come up to the South Bay and take me.

He was always generous that way and a good friend. We at SAIC miss him.

Carole Barklow

Anonymous said...

My Uncle Fred was a wonderful and unique person. I will miss his answers to my questions about science and space and to my teasing about politics. He was so passionate about them all. My favorite quote of his "Math is beautiful". I am lucky to have known him. I love you Uncle Fred! Karen Givant