Saturday, April 17, 2010

Exoplanet Coverage

The exoplanet story that was released this week has gotten some good press. Here are some of the places carrying it:

Astronomy Magazine: Small, Ground-Based Telescope Images Three Exoplanets

The Economist: Extrasolar planets: A trick of the light

Physics World: Astronomers develop new planet-hunting tool New Method Could Photograph Earth-Like Planets

Scientific American: Technological Advances Bring Exoplanets into Clearer View

MSNBC: New method could image Earth-like planets

Universe Today: Could an amateur astronomer snap a picture of an exoplanet? (Hint: no).

For more on the exoplanets orbiting star HR 8799 check out this entry over at Wikipedia or this cool exoplanet ap for your iPhone or iPad.

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