Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giant Owls from Space Invade Palomar?

It only took about 5 days for an owl to decide that our new AllOwl-Sky Camera makes for a pretty good perch. Sigh.

The photo above is a 151 second exposure taken the night of the 14th. The owl didn't even have the good graces to hold still during the exposure so there are multiple images of the talons.

It seems that Palomar is not the first to have this kind of problem. Unfortunately our owl has been back and left "calling cards" on the glass dome of the camera. We need to both clean the lens and discourage the owl from perching there (or give it a place that is even better). Does anybody have any good ideas about that?

Look tomorrow for a short video of from the all-sky covering about 4 nights & days taken before the owl came to visit.


jay said...

check out "air superiority.com" @ 780.789.1493.

Scott Kardel said...

Thanks, Jay. We will consider that.