Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pointing the Way

Last weekend observatory docent Richard Garcia and I had the chance to give David Ho, of Hotech Corporation, a tour of the Hale Telescope.

That's David & I below.

The tour was our way of thanking David for one of the cool items that his company produces - the Astro Aimer. In the photo above David and I are each holding an Astro Aimer. He is doing so to show off his product, I am doing so because the tool I use for public outreach. It combines a red and a white LED flashlight with a 5mW green laser all in one package. I pretty much can't live without one of these tools when it comes to giving tours of the Hale Telescope or hanging out at a star party.

Thanks go out to Richard Garcia for being a super docent at Palomar and taking the photo.

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Kevin Kawai said...

Hi Scott! David is such a great guy and a great friend of mines and Celestron. I also own one of his AstroAimers and like you, can't live without it. It's the perfect all in one device that really comes in handy at star parties. It's great to know he also got the VIP tour from the wonderful folks at Palomar Observatory.