Thursday, April 24, 2008

America's Next Top Modeler

Way back in December I posted (Your Own Virtual Hale Telescope) about how Selden Ball has created a wonderful Hale Telescope add-on for the free space simulator program known as Celestia. Selden is doing some mighty fine work and is paying close attention to detail. Finding the answers to some of his questions has taught me some things about the Big Eye.

He continues to work on this virtual Hale Telescope and has created his own blog to show off his progress. Be sure to check it out and you might like his Youtube video as well.

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Selden said...


Thanks for the kind words, but I certainly don't qualify for the description "next best modeller". I aim primarily for I call functional representations. In other words, they work and you can recognize them, but there's no way you'd mistake pictures of my models for reality. There are some people, however, who create models which are indistinguishable from the real things.