Thursday, February 26, 2009

Glo-ing Words about Eleanor Helin

In my previous post, I mentioned that Eleanor "Glo" Helin has died. Here are some words from Shri Kulkarni, the director of Caltech Optical Observatories (which includes Palomar):

Dear Colleagues:

I learnt today that Eleanor [3267] "Glo" Helin passed away. Those who have been around or used Palomar Observatory since the seventies and until the mid nineties would have met Glo at Palomar. She was a tireless observer and passionate about asteroids (being responsible for the discovery nearly a thousand minor bodies). She was a big fan of Palomar Observatory and an ardent admirer of Caltech.

Her love for Caltech shows up in the names of many asteroids for scientists at Caltech, JPL and friends of Caltech. A selection follows:
3449 Abell (main belt)
3848 Neugebauer (main belt)
4103 Chahine (main belt)
4597 BruceMurray (amor)
5678 DuBridge
5870 Baltimore (Mars crossing)
8013 Gordon Moore (amor)

For more details about Glo please see

Glo and her husband Ron Helin supported the Observatory financially (to which we are truly grateful).

Those of who you used to know Glo may wish to contact her son Bruce Helin (address in this link)

We at COO are planning a memorial symposium to commemorate Glo's enthusiasm and dedication to the study of asteroids and her love for Palomar. We will announce the details once our plans are clear.


Shri Kulkarni
Director, Caltech Optical Observatories

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