Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Observatory is Open

The observatory re-opened this morning. Anyone coming to visit should know that there are still icy spots on the roads, especially in the shady areas. Be careful.

There are also icy spots on the observatory grounds. Watch your step. Thankfully my office is not open to the public as it is currently surrounded by icy fingers of death. Perhaps that I why I was issued a hard hat.

On the astronomical side of things, the weather kept the domes closed for five nights in a row. Last night had some high cirrus clouds but the Big Eye was open to the sky for nine hours.


snowwatcher said...

Thanks for the weather updates, We appreciate your snow report. It is good to know what is going on up at the mountain. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That is the view from your office?!

Man, I don't even have a window, and if I did, my view wouldn't be anything like that.