Saturday, June 13, 2009

AAS Palomar Round Up

Astronomers shared lots of results from Palomar Observatory at last week's meeting of the American Astronomical Society. I didn't get the chance to see it all, but here are the titles of the talks and poster papers that were presented. Hopefully I didn't leave anything off of the list.

The PTF Orion Planet-Search Project

Transients in the Local Universe : Systematically Searching the Gap between Novae and Supernovae

Exoplanet Imaging at the Palomar 5-m: Enhancing the Contrast of the Project 1640 Coronagraph

Observations Of Brown Dwarf Companions With A Small Well-corrected Telescope Subaperture (JPL)

M-dwarf Astrometry With Adaptive Optics

The Host Galaxies of Swift Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts: Observational Constraints on Highly Obscured and Very High-Redshift GRBs

12 New Galactic Wolf-Rayet Stars Identified via 2MASS+Spitzer/GLIMPSE

Active Jet-Sculpting of a Circumstellar Envelope: The Preplanetary Nebula IRAS22036+5306

A Multiwavelegnth Study Of the Galaxy Cluster Abell 1763 and its Starforming Filament

Optical Variability-Based Identifications of Fermi Blazar Candidates

Palomar-Quest Synoptic Sky Survey - Data Release 1

The Palomar-Quest Digital Synoptic Sky Survey: Summary and Initial Results

Type II Supernova Light Curves from the Caltech Core Collapse Project

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