Friday, June 19, 2009

Hale Telescope in National Geographic

The July 2009 issue of National Geographic Magazine is now out and (while I haven't seen it yet in actual print) you should be able to find a beautiful image taken by photographer Joe McNally of the Hale Telescope with its laser-guide star. The article, Cosmic Vision, was written by Timothy Ferris and is available on line. The NGS website has an online photo gallery that includes 2 images of the Hale, which is also featured in their interactive time-line.

Here's a taste of what the inside photo looks like:

You'll have to visit one of the links above to see the rest.

UPDATE: I have not yet seen it on newsstands, but got my issue in the mail today (6/24). The image of the Hale Telescope fills 2 pages (134 & 135) and looks wonderful.

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