Thursday, September 24, 2009

PATS is this Weekend

The Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show hits Pasadena, CA this weekend (Sept. 26-27) and Palomar Observatory will be on hand. If you attend, you might want to stop on by and say "hi". We will have a booth and I'll be giving a talk at 10 am on Saturday.

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chimpanzee said...

Scott, please check your email. I did a test at last years PATS 2008: filmed some talks & distributed them over iTunes (as "test PATS 2008" video-podcast).
[ Story Musgrave talk on HST repair mission, Dr. Kate Hutton/Caltech on outreach ]

I would need permission from you to film (since PATS grants full copyright to speakers), for any possible tests this year. Is there anyway I could go under the "umbrella" of your organization "Palomar Observatory"). I'm formerly with Caltech/JPL/Image Processing Lab

More PATS 2008 coverage at: