Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Coverage for Palomar's LCROSS Images

The images from the Hale Telescope taken during the LCROSS impact have gotten some good distribution around the Net. We didn't see an impact plume, but we delivered the highest-resolution images of any telescope during the impact. Here is a sample of a few sites on the Web that showed off our images: The Planetary Society (and here), Science, Science News, Science, Sky and Telescope Magazine, Space, Universe Today.

The view inside the Hale Telescope's Data Room about 1 minute before the impact of the LCROSS Centaur rocket.

The BBC was here filming our observations. Look for that on a future episode of The Sky At Night. The show may be carried on BBC America. If so, I will post about it here.

Finallly, as of now our short YouTube video of the LCROSS impact has had over 4,300 views. That's not bad for being up almost a week.

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