Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It is Just a Phase

Yesterday's view of the nearly first quarter Moon hangs in the sky over the nearly first quarter dome of the Hale Telescope:

Click to embiggen, but notice that when you illuminate two round things from the side, they look sort of the same.


Anonymous said...

My name is Ngoc lan and I am a student at Cuyamaca college and I am doing a research paper on the light pollution of Mount Palomar and I would love your opinion. My email is VI637@yahoo.com

1) How do you feel about the light that cause the sky to bright up and interrupt astronomer research?
2} How does the light affect the research?
3}What is your opinion about SCE ( Southern California Edison)and SDGE (san diego gas and electric) about not agreeing to use low pressure sodium light?
Thank you for your reply

CaptainCaustic said...


I like that word. I'll keep it in mind.
Now all I need is a conversation to use it in......

Scott Kardel said...

Ngoc, I am away now, but should be able to get you answers via email by mid week. I hope that's not too late for you.

CaptainCaustic, embiggen is a perfectly cromulent word.