Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Weather Update

A winter storm warning is still in effect for the San Diego County mountains, including Palomar Mountain. Several inches of snow are on the ground now, with more currently falling. Roads are icy and generally not currently safe for travel. As such, Palomar Observatory is still closed to the public.

Highway 76, beneath Palomar Mountain, from Lake Henshaw to Rincon Ranch Road is currently closed due to mud slides.

The Palomar Mountain Fire Department is recommending that a "Snow Emergency" be declared for Palomar Mountain. This would require all drivers to have tire chains and limit access to parts Palomar, especially to non residents.

All this weather has gotten in the way of some cool astronomy stuff (remember that?) that I am putting off posting for a while. With any luck there should be a lot more of that here on the blog next week.

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