Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Weather Update

The snow and rough weather has ended on Palomar and the observatory's small weekend crew is still digging out. The observatory will remain closed until it can be properly cleared of snow and ice, which isn't expected until after the weekend.

California Highway Patrol informs us that chains are required and that they are checking to see that people have them. I can say from experience that the roads are very icy. Anyone attempting to visit the mountains should be extra careful. The old adage is don't drive any faster than the the speed you want to crash into something.

The weather brings extra complications for staff at the observatory aside from public safety. This morning I tried to gain entrance to the dome of the 200-inch telescope. While I do indeed have a key to let me in the door marked "No Admittance", the lock was frozen and I could not open the door. Additionally, I am currently snowed out of my office, which is in a different building.


Anonymous said...

Pease schedule some good weather for late-Feb. We are coming all the way from Cape Cod, and hope our visit to Palomar will be one of our California highlights. Good luck digging out. Walt

Scott Kardel said...

We hope you will be able to make your visit. Unfortunately with our engineering taking place at the moment we don't have the resources to even plow our public parking lot.