Saturday, March 27, 2010

LIght Pollution Stories & Earth Hour Tonight

The May issue of Sky & Telescope magazine has hit the mailboxes sporting a cover story on light pollution. Kelly J. Beatty gives an overview of the light pollution problem with some startling facts and possible solutions. Also, look for the opinion piece by Constance Walker where she argues that education is key to solving the problem of light pollution.

In another publication, be sure to check out my article "Dimming the Lights: Astronomy and light pollution" in the current issue of the on-line Glimpse Journal. Alas, a subscription is required to read entire thing.

Finally tonight is Earth Hour. While this is billed as an event to fight global warming, it is a great opportunity to highlight how much unnecessary light at night can be found in our cities and that the world will not devolve into chaos if some or all of it is shut off. Last year there wasn't much of a change from Palomar Mountain. This year's event takes place under a bright moon, but there may actually be larger participation in the event.

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