Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Palomar History Photo of the Week - South Yoke

For anyone out there that may have notice the huge drop in the number of blog posts here in teh last two months, other duties that have temporarily come my way over the last few months have dominated all of my time and have kept me from working much at all of my real job. Do not despair as more images, news and history will eventually be returning to Palomar Skies with the kind of frequency that was present in the past.

To help tide people over, here is another history photo showing the 200-inch telescope's south yoke.

The photo was taken in the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company's plant in South Philadelphia on December 20, 1937.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting image. it is good to see them back. Wishing you and everyone at Palomar clear skies in 2011.

Scott Kardel said...

Thank you! May you also have clear skies for 2011.