Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get Your Dark-sky Light Fixtures in San Diego County

It is a fact of life that outdoor lights are need. Visibility, safety and security are necessary.

Unfortunately there is too much light at night as much of it does not help with visibility, safety or security. This wasted light is also wasted energy. Bad lighting often causes glare which can reduce visibility -- the opposite of what a light is supposed to do. Well shielded fixtures eliminate glare and put light where its needed to see well.

The San Diego Chapter of the International Dark-sky Association has combined forces with Lights of America, San Diego Gas & Electric, Dixieline, and Palomar Observatory to offer an affordable and very effective Outdoor Light Fixture to San Diego Residents. How affordable is it? It checks in at less than $10.00 each after rebates! That is a deal.

This fixture is available NOW at any San Diego County Dixieline Stores. Hurry to get yours and take advantage of this great limited time offer.

What does the observatory like about this? When properly installed it is a full-cut off fixture, meaning that there is no up light. While it is not a low-pressure sodium (our favorite!), they aren't well suited for lights around the house. This fixture is of a low color temperature (2700K), which gives a warm glow that limits the amount of blue light making it better for astronomy than a high temperature light.


Anonymous said...
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jay said...

I bought one on Monday to test. It measures about 14 x 8 x 4 inches and extremely easy to install. It has a photocell to run "dusk to dawn" but could be simply turned off/on with a wall switch. I will get a prism and test its spectra. Good light for the price, I think.

Palomar Observatory said...

Thanks, Jay. I haven't laid hands on one yet. I am interested to learn what you find out about it.